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Sivota: a few words about Sivota in history

It was first mentioned in 433 B.C in the Sivota sea-battle between the Corinthians and the Corfiots. Until 1959 the village was known as Mourtos under the name of pirate who had his base on the small islands of the bay. Sivota from a small rural village it has been developed the recent years to an important touristic resort. Visitors can amuse themselves with sea sports like water-skiing, surfing, etc and organise excurcions to Paxi-Antipaxi and Corfu Islands. In the Sivota there are quite a few cafes and bars for every age and also good restaurants where one can taste the local cuisine. Sivota has got many beaches, famous for their clear blue waters. It also worth mentioning its well organised marina which every summer is full of yachts and small boats.

Finally, the tourists can visit many places of archeological interest or natural beauty.Rozalia Studios - Sivota, Greece Sivota is located within a twenty minutes drive from Igoumenitsa (capital city of Thesprotia) and just opposite Corfu island. Sivota due to its location it has always been a cosmopolican resort and one of the most popular destinations of Thesprotia. Sivota are built deside a bay full of numerous small islands, the village of Sivota has got a population of about 100 people during the winter months while in the summer more than 8000 tourists visit it every year.

It is an ideal place for those who love equally the beauties of both the mountain and the sea. Sivota together with other villages (Plataria, Phaskomilia, Skorpiona, Argirotopos and Polineri) they all form the Municipality of Sivota with the Town Hall to be situated in Plataria. Sivota is very old village, known since the acient years.

sivota in der nacht

Sivota at night

Facts about Sivota
Population 875 (2011 Count))
Surface 72,439 km²
Timezone Athens: GMT+2

Enjoy the spectacular view in Sivota Port

The port was becoming a source of profit and development. The port also provides parking areas for the visitors of Sivota. There are many other jewels just waiting to be discovered by the more adventurous explorers of holiday treasures. There are a lot of restaurants where one can taste the local cuisine,bars, cafeterias , traditional shops who can visit,and you have an opportunity to enjoy your food,coffee and provide comfort and relaxing moments to the visitor.

Outside of Sivota's port at the Ionian Sea between Paxos and Antipaxos islands in the year of 432 BC the biggest naval battle of that period took place. The naval battle between two Greek city - states - Corcyrians and Corinthian- 70 Corcyrians and 30 Corinthians triremes sunk in the sea. The reties of the sunk triremes still today remain on the bottom of the sea. In the bay of Sivota old historical says that in the middle age Arabian pirates used to moor there to relax or hide themselves before and after there attracts to Corfu Island.

Sivota Beach

Mega Ammos

1Km from Sivota Port, it is one of the largest in the village. It is organised so tourists can do sea sports. It has got clear waters and combines fine thin sand and pebbles. Restaurants and cafes are just by the beach. Parasols ands un-lounges are available.


700m from Sivota Port. A relatively small beach with clear waters. There is parking space and a taverna. Many olive trees provide natural shade.


It is the nearest beach to the port with fine thin sand and waters that do not become deep suddenly. Sea sports are available. Restaurant and cafe by the beach.

Pisina (Swimming Pool)

Access only by the sea. Clear blue waters with fantastic sand, visited by many tourists that have yachts.

Bella Vraka

700m from Sivota. It combines shallow warm waters in one side and cold waters in the other side. To reach the beach one has to walk in the water. It is also visited by tourists with yachts. No restaurant available.


Rozalia Studios is located just 20 meters from Mega Ammos beach, the most scenery beach in Sivota, popular as the beach with the green-blue waters.

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